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This Is My Story

I have always been aware of my complexion, and how to some, it's a problem.

Early in my development, it was ingrained in me that dark skin girls were not pretty or desired. It became a blatant reality that I quietly accepted. Even still today, colorism is prevalent in my own family. In mainstream media, people with lighter complexions are still the chosen.  

When I began my makeup journey at 25, I was frustrated that it was so hard to find my foundation shade (read more about that journey here).

 I created Diversity In Beauty in September 2017, after being fired from my corporate diversity and inclusion role.  Just two weeks before this untimely event, I pitched to my supervisor that the beauty industry was an untapped conversation for its lack of representation and inclusion and that our firm should bring more awareness to its diversity issue.

Now, not only does the Diversity In Beauty Summit lead this very important conversation, but it is the first to ever do it. Much like Rihanna and the launch of Fenty Beauty, we're shaking up the industry in a major way. And everyone is watching, whether they admit it or not.  I mean, for our very first summit,  we got Sir John, who is the  make up artist to BEYONCE (!?!?!?)  to key note! That's pretty iconic.

I'm going to keep having these conversations. I'm going to keep pushing the beauty culture forward until everyone is included and represented at the highest level.

See you at the top!

Tia Tappan - Founder & CEO

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